Green Cable Car

commissioning, ropeway maintenance and operations training

Green Cable Car

Cheongpung Myon, South Korea

Upon completion of the new Green Cable Car, a 2.2km long 10 MGD up to the top of the “Phoenix Peak” in central South Korea and surrounded by a lake on three sides, CCS was hired to commission the installation before public opening in Spring 2019, and to provide essential ropeway maintenance and operations training.

Commissioning of the cable car required the inspection and testing of all components and devices of the installation and adjustment of the operational parameters to ensure a safe and smooth operation for passengers. Once the construction team had completed their job, this start up procedure, that usually lasts between about two weeks, verified every parameter, allowing the ropeway to go live.

Subsequent to the commissioning and with safety in mind, CCS was requested to remain on site until after public opening to assist the personnel of the Green Cable Car in the use of the equipment and procedures, both technical and operational, as well as to provide reassurance and support to the cable car owner in the phase leading to the public opening and for the first week of public operations.

Once commissioned and trained, Green Cable Car was given all the relevant statutory green lights to open to public.

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