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Around the world, cable cars have been used for transportation, touristic purposes and sports for well over a century. Some regions of the world would be very differently shaped had it not been for the development of ropeways.

Ease of access, time saving and the possibility to reach locations otherwise unthinkable, have pushed cable cars to become the leisure mode of transport of choice.

It is not only about the destination, but also about the journey. The experience starts much before reaching there. The prospect of arriving by air, enjoying excellent views, avoiding crowded and noisy ground transit, seeing far above our heads; the expectation of reaching our destination, seeing it ahead of time at the end of the journey and knowing that we will soon arrive comfortably, quickly and safely… that is the EXPERIENCE. In the 21st century, ropeways are an integral part of modern tourism around the globe.

They complement the tourism offer and can be relied upon to act as a visitor magnet, and for good and well deserved reason, because no other transport system is so reliable, cost-effective and versatile – and on top of that, so enjoyable and attractive.

Cable cars open a world of new possibilities. They delight visitors through theme parks, zoos and exhibitions. They provide easy access to locations previously hard to reach. And if properly planned and designed, they become the attraction by themselves; no other transport system in the tourism sector provides such a unique, bird’s eye view of the world.

In Cable Car Solutions, we would like to work with you and develop together the optimal solution to your plans, providing attractive ways to engage ropeways as attractions for the public, be it as part of the access solution or as the main attraction by itself. The better we understand your goals, challenges and dreams, the better solutions we will develop. Because Your Success is Our Future.

Why are ropeways an excellent choice for tourism?

  • Ropeways can have multiple simultaneous functions: attraction on its own, access system, means of connection and other transportation goals
  • Ropeways reach areas previously hard to access, bridge over obstacles easily and quickly and are ecologically friendly and sustainable both suitable in heavily built up areas and in the most naturally sensitive environments.
  • People enjoy viewpoints, seeing the world from above. The whole cable car experience fulfils this expectation from the moment vehicles leave the stations, but if altitude was not enough, cable cars make it a dynamic high view, ever changing, allowing for a journey of discovery.
  • Whilst attraction and transport, a ride in a cable car is a frequently a most relaxing experience, but if the environment allows and the goals are different, cable car rides can also be full of adrenaline (wow-effect).
  • From a practical and operational point of view, the low operational costs are always a plus, and certain types of ropeways (with cabins of varying sizes) are fully accessible to passengers with needs, children, elderly.
  • Depending on the needs, cable cars are highly adaptable in terms of capacity, ranging from a few hundred passengers per hour to several thousands, and in terms of routing, with alignments in the range of few hundred meters to a few kilometres and either straight lines or closed circuits with multiple turns.
  • Cable cars offer unmatched comfort levels, with slow speed assisted boarding (and full vehicle stop if required), fast travel speed along the line (if desired, low speed systems are certainly possible and desirable in certain circumstances) and everyone gets a window seat!

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