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Urban mobility is the concept for tomorrow's World

With the ever-growing challenges urban areas face (increasing population, dimension, expectations, etc…), conventional transport systems can easily fall behind and prove insufficient to guarantee long term mobility and sustainability. It is here and now that innovative solutions are needed. If building underground is too expensive and takes too long, and there is no space left at ground level, we should look up into the sky. Emissions free and extraordinarily quiet Cable Cars hovering at speed above traffic, across rivers, past heavily developed areas and easily climbing any terrain in the area.

Rope-propelled transport systems present capacities up to 6.000 people per hour per direction, therefore competing with most other transport systems, except high capacity metro rail systems, but surpassing all of them in reliability, comfort, safety, speed of construction, level of sustainability… however with lower life cycle costs, much smaller required footprint and, having its own specific air-right-of-way, without impacting the other existing transport systems.

Due to their characteristics and capacities, cable cars have several potential uses in urban transportation: extension of high capacity rail, branching, feeders, access to geographically complex locations, bridging or even full transport networks. For every need, there is one solution and Cable Car Solutions support our clients in every step of their projects.

Our clients set goals and know the challenges, we are experts in the technology, therefore together we create solutions.

Whatever our clients need, be it a demand analysis and review of alternatives, a master plan, a feasibility study, technical support and advice during construction, commissioning of a new installation, training, assistance and presence during start-up or any other of our services, CCS will be there for you, because Your Success is Our Future.

Benefits of urban cableways:

  • Congestion-free mobility
  • Sustainable, emissions free mode of transport, that helps improve air quality and general well-being
  • Low energy consumption with high transport capacity and low operating costs
  • Safest public transport system
  • Barrier-free transport system, one system for all
  • High transport capacity of up to 6.000 passengers per hour per direction
  • Continuous passenger transport with extremely short interval between departing carriers
  • Dedicated right-of-way in the air, not impacting the already busy street level
  • Unique commute experience for passengers, that can also attract tourists (usually outside rush hour), increasing utilization and maximizing income
  • Extremely low foot print compared to any other mode of transport
  • Cost-effective and high operational reliability
  • Intermodal links and stations are easy to plan, allowing for a full integration in existing networks and for future extensions
  • A different mode of transport that opens new possibilities for urban planning and development in locations and ways not feasible until now


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