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In CCS we are always ready to support your ropeway projects all the way. From conception and sowing of the first ideas, through feasibility studies and master plans, demand analyses, planning, assistance with the implementation, commissioning of ropeways and assisting with operations management, maintenance and service or auditing processes.
As ropeway technology specialists with wide ranging practical experience in the field, we are capable to deliver the entire ropeway project planning and additional services with the confidence you deserve. Whatever you need, we are here for you.

An operationally and commercially successful ropeway system requires high standards of service availability, client oriented smooth and comfortable operation and the highest degree of safety throughout its lifetime, and when it comes down to transportation networks or complete ski resorts, the integration and interaction of every system in the overall environment will be key to the usability and experience.
In CCS we are dedicated to your success, therefore we offer comprehensive solutions, where all key parameters are considered from conception and early design, through operations and maintenance, and concluding with adequate employee training, all of it tailored specifically to your project needs.

CCS covers all ropeway technologies: Whether your project is still a shapeless transportation system need, or whether it is already thought in detail and consists of fixed-grip or detachable carriers, continuous movement or it is a reversible aerial tramway, you can rely on our experienced employees to advise your and deliver your project to the highest standards.


Our specialists in CCS are ready to assist or to be in charge of the vital tasks in the areas of design concept and project planning, and certainly provide support onsite in the start-up phase. As professional ropeway planners, we must ensure that constructive advice and project support are available throughout at any stage, so that the very best technical and commercial solutions are found together with our clients.



The key to developing a successful Master Plan is to spend as much time understanding our client´s goals and ideas, as well as the environmental factors, limitations and overall interests of all the involved stakeholders, as time gets spent planning and designing. It is often said: “There is no favourable wind for a sailor without direction”. Understanding the direction and final destination is the most important element before creating a route map.

Once goals are defined and based on our experience, we shall work with you to provide optimal solutions, those most efficient, attractive, integrated, guest and staff welcoming, environmentally conscious, politically defendable, investment friendly… Only when investors feel confidence in the plan, projects are technically sound and doable, employees will be happy to work there, politicians and stakeholders feel safe to support and approve, and essentially guests feel their experience was worth repeating, from the overall feeling on departure to each individual interaction, then we can be sure of your success (and therefore, of our future).



Before deciding to proceed with any specific project, it is important to have a level of planning enough to feel confident about the technical viability of it, but also to have a sufficiently accurate cost estimate, so as to decide if the investment will be worth it.

We work closely with our clients to jointly develop the best possible solutions based on technical and financial feasibility. Station locations, choice of system, transport capacities and ropeway alignment are analysed as part of a feasibility study. Risks are identified and prospects for success are assessed. Comprehensive cost estimates for construction and operation (life-cycle costs) as well as cost-benefit analyses are also integral parts of the feasibility study.



Our employees have wide experience not only in the design, but as equally extensively in the construction and construction management of ropeway projects and in their public operation. Therefore, we provide assistance for ropeway projects from technical support during construction through to the beginning of public service. Our clients can rely on our advice as ropeway specialists, the sooner in the planning & construction, the more “operations oriented” the result will be. Planning and construction take from several months to a couple of years, but a few extra considerations at this stage can severely impact the several decades of public operation thereafter.



The inspection & commissioning of new installations by our independent specialists ensure proper execution by the manufacturer in accordance with the contract and maximum reliability and safety for your passengers. We take care of the technical and organizational preparations which enable your installation to go into public service.

If so desired, we can also be present on site to provide assistance and build up confidence during the first few weeks of operation, as minor operational issues can turn in to PR disasters very quickly if dealt with incorrectly.



Business success is dependent on a large number of factors. Looking at a situation from an outside position often helps to identify problems and jointly arrive at solutions. Increased efficiency and utilization are always central considerations in this process and our independent experts guarantee independent audits, inspections and evaluations: technically, operationally and from the business perspective.



The ropeway is up and running, and the project has been successfully completed. But the work doesn’t stop there – at least, not for us. Because we provide our clients with support and expertise in many areas – from operations management assistance and organizational optimization through to personnel training. In other words, we make sure that your operations always run according to plan. We offer training tailored to your requirements – whether it’s training for new employees or refresher courses for your team.



Investments and restructuring are often preceded by business valuations. We can analyze your organization and provide you with independent expert’s opinions for investors, finance providers and cooperation partners.



Our safety professionals provide expert advice, perform workplace and risk assessments, and develop action plans.



Cost analysis and benchmarking are useful tools when it comes to looking at cost structures and, if necessary, adopting new approaches.



Sometimes all that is needed is to have an external expert opinion. We are here to understand the issue, clarify any circumstances around it and feed our opinion back to you.


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