Kuva City Air

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Kuva City Air

Harare, Zimbabwe

“We found the professionalism and rigour of CCS to be exemplary. It was an absolute pleasure working with CCS on this crucial stage for a key project where not only a safe pair of hands, but also ingenuity and close attention to detail was necessary. We look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship with CCS.” – James Saruchera (Kuva, CEO)

CCS was hired to evaluate the viability of implementing the first line of Harare´s potential future transportation network, a high capacity cable car through the very centre of the City to alleviate congestion and make the CBD more liveable, to be later expanded into a central network and to the suburbs.
A feasibility study was completed, including route review, demand analysis, ridership forecast, cost e stimates, technical and financial feasibility, as well as support with stakeholder management.
Innovative solutions had to be found to prevent deteriorating the traffic conditions, whilst respecting the historical neighbourhoods the cable car spans over and minimizing the space requirements for stations in this very densely built up area. And all within budget, for it to be funded fully privately.

With 3 stations and 2km in length, a 10/12 seater monocable gondola running at 6.5m/s speed and transporting close to 4.500 passengers per hour and direction was proposed, with all stations capable to allow seamless passenger transfer when the expansion takes place.

Video link: Harare Kuva Air

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